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Are you a passionate teacher or any well-known institute? If so, here is for you. You can register on LandaTrip platform and create your travel courses.

  • Connect with students across the globe
  • Share your expertise and make a money
  • Spread the joy of teaching and learning
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Are you eager to learn and grow? If you are from a new graduate student to a skilled employee, here is for you to go to the next level. You can simply broaden your horizons.

  • Discover exciting travel courses
  • Find the perfect tour for you and your company
  • Save your costs
  • Add new certifications to your resume and LinkedIn
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It was great experience!

For me that was an engineer in other field of computer science, Landa Trip was a honest and supportive guidance from zero to hero.

Lida Parivizi UI/UX Designer

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